Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Subscribe to podcasts in iTunes through the web using PodNova

Often times I will come across an interesting podcast that I want to subscribe to while I am away from my home machine that has iTunes and syncs my iPod. So, when I come across such a podcast and I am not on my home machine, I am faced with a challenge. iTunes does not synchronize your podcasts across machines even when you are logged in to your iTunes account on another machine. I can only pray that Apple adds this functionality to iTunes some day. So, my challenge then is how do I subscribe to a podcast in iTunes without the mess of emailing myself a link or bookmarking it to only to remember to subscribe to it when I get home?

Enter PodNova. PodNova is a FREE service that lets you subscribe to podcasts online. Once you create an account, you can add and delete subscriptions to podcasts as and when you choose as long as you have what they call an internet connection. So how do I get my podcast subscriptions on PodNova to iTunes to download to my iPod?


The beauty of PodNova is that you also get the PodNova desktop client to run on your local machine. Mac and Linux users beware - PodNova desktop client is supported on your platform too! The desktop client is the glue that holds your online subscriptions and iTunes together. The desktop client is based on Juice podcast receiver with one significant difference - you can synchronize your subscriptions to your desktop from the PodNova website by logging into your account through the desktop client. The desktop client provides integration with iTunes (and Winamp, although I have not tested this). The desktop client will add each podcast episode to iTunes, create a playlist for each of your podcast subscriptions, and set the Genre of each downloaded episode to Podcast (or any other value) for easy searchability within iTunes.


So there you have it, subscribe to podcasts online (or using the desktop client) on PodNova and let the desktop client do its magic to get it into iTunes so that you can home and download the latest and greatest episodes of your shows to your iPod.

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baygongratis said...

im dont know how to sync juice and pod nova. how do i do it? should i copy the url to some place?

can you help me?


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