Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Enjoy FREE international calls for the next 3 years

I have friends and family abroad, as you might have figured, being that I am from India. When I heard of futurephone, I was both delighted and a little disappointed at the same time. Delighted because futurephone promises FREE calls to "the world's most populous countries", which according to their list are 54 in number. Disappointed because India, strangely, is not in the list (even though it is the world's second most populated country).

The service works by having you call a number in Iowa followed by your destination number. Now, if you are still in the dark ages where you are paying long distance charges for calls within the US, then you got bigger problems. But, if you have an unlimited long distance calling plan on your phone (landline or mobile), then this service is absolutely FREE to you.

So, what's the catch? There is none except for the fact you can enjoy the luxury of a smaller phone bill for the next 3 years. They say that they are doing this in the hopes of gaining your confidence in the company and its services, so that they can introduce other (paid?) services to you in the future.

I used the futurephone to call my dad in China and the call quality was fantastic. I called him on a landline, though, so I am not sure if it will work when calling to a mobile phone. I am going to keep my fingers crossed and wait for India to be included in the list.



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Pravin said...

India not on list.
How bad it is.