Thursday, October 05, 2006

GE puts your imagination at work

I cam across this General Electric website that lets you draw inside your browser and share your drawings with friends (via email) for FREE, of course. It is not just a simple drawing web application. You are given your choices of tools you want to you use such as pens, shapes, and text. You can also choose colors for your pens, shapes, text as well as the background color. Another nice option is the ability to save the image. When you save, you get an email with a unique link to your drawing. Clicking on the link replays the entire drawing and you can choose to continue working on it or start a new drawing. You can also share the drawing with your friends. Sharing your drawing gives your friends permission to change it and send it back to you.

I can see the utility of this as a quick and dirty whiteboard for collaborating on designs over long distances.


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